SER Contractor Ltd is continually expanding and so are the career opportunities.


  • Our company organises recruitment days in the communities we work in. For events occurring in your area, please visit our Latest News page for further information

  • We advertise career opportunities via various recruitment channels
  • You can apply for a position via our company web page by following the instructions provided below.

Employment and Training

We have a well-established apprentice programme which is a key part of our business plan for growth by ensuring we have a pipeline of skilled local employees to meet the needs of all our clients.

We have been employing new apprentices every year for the last 5 years. We are currently employing two NVQ Level 2 apprentices. We are also employing two Site Managers who are currently working towards their NVQ Level 6 in Construction Site Management.

All our apprentices follow a defined 3-year modern apprenticeship in partnership with a local construction college, aided by buddies and mentors from our established workforce. As our business continues to grow, we are expanding this programme.

Our Training Programme is overseen by our Human Resources Team who will work with the CITB, NVQ accredited training providers and Council’s Employment and Skills Commissioning Team to tailor training programmes which meet individual trainee requirements and are aligned to the client’s broader goals. We will work with the CITB, our supply chain and local Shared Apprentice Schemes to identify and place apprenticeship candidates.

Our HR Team will rigorously assess the opportunities and requirements presented by this contract, to determine how the works can best support local employment and training. They will work with our Contracts and Site Managers, local training providers and our supply chain to adopt a systematic, yet flexible, approach to maximising employment and training opportunities through a mix of direct employment and the use of employment models for SME companies that will enable us and our supply chain to support your training agenda.

Our HR Manager is responsible for co-ordinating our training, work experience, educational links and local supply chain to ensure Enfield Council’s ambitions are met. She will act as the primary interface between SER Contractors, Enfield Council, our supply chain and named agencies and 3rd sector providers, schools, colleges and any other local stakeholders.

We are committed to promoting skills in the community through work experience for 15-17 year-olds. A full induction is provided for all placements to ensure the appropriate consideration of insurance, CSCS, Child Protection and health and safety are undertaken.

Online registration

Whether you are new to the Construction Industry or a specialist Subcontractor we look forward to hearing from you.

Simply complete our quick and easy online registration form, providing us with a short introduction about yourself, your profession, qualification and experience and click submit.

Your application will be reviewed by one of our HR team members, with respect to the requirements for the position you are applying for.
Successful applicants will be invited to attend the second stage of the recruitment process.


The interview will take place at our company head office and will consist of evaluating your communication, understanding and problem-solving skills.

At this stage of your application, you will be required to provide copies of your documentation such as:

  • Certifications and Qualifications.
  • A proof of address.
  • National Insurance Number.
  • Unique Tax Registration Number.
  • Driving licence.

SER Contractor Ltd aims to create conditions where staff is selected on basis of their merits, abilities and potential; regardless of gender, race, ethnic or national origin, disability, socio-economic background, religious or political beliefs, family circumstances or other distinction.

Work trial

After successfully completing the second part of the application process one of our helpful team members from HR will get in contact with you to organise a trial day for you at one of our London based sites.

This will provide an insight into how the site operates, the standard of work that we carry out and the genuine importance of team work. You will receive a step by introduction of rules and regulations, health and safety measures that you will be required to follow at all times.

The trial day will help our team to assess whether your possess the technical skills required to efficiently complete your job.
We endeavour to deliver services in a way that genuinely recognises the importance of an inclusive society that brings opportunities and access, not barriers to individuals.