Our Business Partners

We are named and partnering with various framework partners as we believe partnering is the most effective method to deliver and exceed key contractual targets, collaborating well and sharing ideas under a no-blame, positive working relationship. Being a framework-nominated contractor gives SER an alternative route to the contractors’ market and help build a strong and efficient working relationship with clients. The umbrella of agreements such as specification, quality, price, and legislation will also provide more stability and ability for SER of purchasing, involving placing one-off orders for recurrent contracts and clients for works by optimising volume-purchasing discounts and minimising repetitive purchasing tasks.

We aim to co-locate with our clients wherever possible as we believe it delivers improved working practices, solving problems quickly under a ‘one team’ approach. Sharing office space and facilities encourages informal discussion and team bonding; jointly we take a positive approach without a blame culture. This means that we will be able to work side by side with clients who are already on the frameworks but have not able to procure directly with SER Contractor due to contracting restrictions and existing framework.


  • Lambeth Council
  • Camden Council
  • London Borough of Hounslow
  • Saxon Weald
  • Southwark
  • Runnymede
  • Wandsworth Council
  • Newlon Housing Trust
  • Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association


  • LHC Whole House Refurbishment and Associated Works Framework
  • LHC Doors Framework
  • South East Consortium (SEC)
  • Camden Council (Major Works and Building Term Services Frameworks)
  • Lambeth Council Minor Works FM Framework


  • Gerda
  • SER Widnows and Doors
  • Elite Building Supplies
  • Ser Electrical
  • OBI Systems

Partnership & approved installer

  • Weber Saint-Gobain: specialist renders, External Wall Insulation Systems, concrete repair and protection systems

  • BMI Redland: comprehensive range of concrete and clay tiles, in both plain and profile formats; along with reconstituted slate tiles and an extensive collection of fittings, components and ancillaries and a 15 year warranty

  • BMI Icopal: complete roofing solutions – comprehensive range of concrete, clay, metal and reconstituted slate tiles, reinforced bitumen membranes, single-ply systems and liquid waterproofing solutions as well as an extensive collection of fittings, components and building membranes.

  • Helifix: Leviat  -product range is the market leader in specialist helical wall ties, fixings and masonry repair systems

  • LRS Systems: high performance cold liquid applied range of waterproofing systems including anti-skid finish

  • Repair Care: total solutions for sustainable timber restoration and maintenance

  • James Hardie – Hardie ® Plank: Fibre cement cladding systems – Stylish & strong fibre cement cladding
    Made from advanced material fibre cement, Hardie® Plank cladding is an engineered cellulose-fibre and cement composite that offers the ultimate in fire, moisture, rot and pest resistance. The unique properties of Hardie® Plank cladding offers major advantages over conventional cladding materials, providing ease of installation, design flexibility and enhanced durability.

  • Marley: complete pitched roofing systems – combining compatible, high-quality roofing elements resulting in a complete roofing system that’s quick and easy to install with minimum maintenance and maximum longevity – are underwritten by a 15-year warranty.

  • Dulux: Dulux AkzoNobel Trade Paints – professional range of paint systems from basic coatings to fire retardant, Pyroshield range is certified and approved system for upgrading the reaction-to-fire surface classification of existing internal finishes.

  • Crown Paints: professional range of paint systems from basic coatings to fire retardant , Timonox range is a decorative flame retardant coating for walls and ceilings, specially formulated for use on new non-combustible surfaces and previously painted non-combustible surfaces.

  • TOR: specialist surface coatings – fire retardant and waterproof

  • Rockwool:  ROCKWOOL fire resilient solutions can slow the spread of flames, contain fires locally and stop them from spreading further.

  • Lime Green: Hydraulic lime mortars , lime plasters and lime renders, lime based paints, natural insulation, stone repair , all suitable and approved for historic buildings maintenance, can also be incorporated into new buildings

LHC- WH2 – Whole House Refurbishment and Associated Works

In terms of existing procurement routes that can be used, we are currently partnering with London Housing Consortium (LHC) Framework under WH2 – Whole House Refurbishment and Associated Works between £250k and £2M across most London and South East areas.

Being the top marked contractor on LHC framework reduces the bureaucracy associated with these restrictions and create the ease of opportunity for further discussions and business meetings towards procurement and completion of projects. In time this will streamline the process and make it easier for all parties to achieve results.

Additionally,    we work closely with our clients to meet strategic goals and aspirations for their contracts. We are also in regular contact and with various housing organisations and councils, attending numerous conferences and ‘Meet the Buyer’ events to promote ourselves as a business. This opens up the opportunity for us to be able to expand and promote the framework at the same time. We commit to a partnering charter, setting goals and defining clear responsibilities for all partners and holding joint partnering workshops, conferences and other networking events where frameworks can again be widely promoted. This will also benefit clients improving their procurement processes and routes, which in most cases are outdated, limited to 1 or 2 contractors

LHC Doors Framework

offering aComposite Doors, Composite Fire doors, Timber Doors, Communal Entrance and Exit Doors in London, South East and East of England.

Lot Area UK NUTS codes LHC RBU Measure Ranking Area
London UKI L&SE Communal Entrance & Exit Doors 1 Lot 5
South East England UKJ L&SE Communal Entrance & Exit Doors 1 Lot 5
East of England UKH L&SE Communal Entrance & Exit Doors 1 Lot 5
East of England UKH L&SE Timber Doors 2 Lot 3
London UKI L&SE Timber Doors 3 Lot 3
South East England UKJ L&SE Timber Doors 3 Lot 3
London UKI L&SE Composite Fire Doors 4 Lot 2
South East England UKJ L&SE Composite Fire Doors 4 Lot 2
East of England UKH L&SE Composite Fire Doors 3 Lot 2
London UKI L&SE Composite Doors 4 Lot 1
South East England UKJ L&SE Composite Doors 4 Lot 1
East of England UKH L&SE Composite Doors 4 Lot 1

In both cases of LHC Frameworks we are ranked as very competitive contractor across most lots, so the VFM and VE can be easily shown and achieved using the direct award route minimising the procurement process and reducing the time taken during traditional mini tender competition and procurement routes in general helping Peabody and other clients improve their spend/sometimes underspend achieving financial targets and delivery programmes at the same time.

We are also listed on South East Consortium (SEC) Framework for the Internal and External Works Framework – Lot 1B Major Works £1M+ being the only SME listed within Main Contractors list and London/Lambeth based delivering all works via direct and local labour with high focus on Social Value, Local Spend, Employment and Training.

SER Contractor LTD works în partnership with Lambeth Council to complete major works external refurb such as: Roof Renewal, Concrete Repairs, Bricking Works, Timber Care Repairs to Sash Windows, Renewal of UPVC Windows and Doors, External Decoration, Communal Works Upgrade and Internal refurb suck as kitchen and bathroom refurb including rewire and boiler replacement.

In addition to the above we are partnering with Camden Council (being currently nominated and delivering 5 years Major Works and Voids Framework) and Lambeth Council and Newham Council DPS Frameworks delivering works in value more than £18M per annum.  We also partnering with Gerda Security UK and install various types of FEDs, Sheltered Accommodation and Communal Doors and BM Trade Accredited and approved for most type of fire stopping and doors installations.

SER Contractor LTD works în partnership with Newlon Housing Trust to complete refurb to kitchen and bathroom works in North of London

Ser Contractor Ltd works in partnership with Saxton Wealds to complete bangalow refurb with the following scope: roof renewal, solar panels, ewi, upvc windows and doors


GERDA is a leading British door set manufacturer with whom we have built up a strong business relationship over 7 years ,both companies specialising in the social housing sector.

GERDA’s multi-performance fire door sets are extensively tested at UKAS accredited test centres and third party certified, building regulation compliant and offer proven performance.

EBS are specialists in the supply of materials for the construction sector and are Ser Contractor LTD’s No. 1 “Go To” supplier to source all the products we require to get the job done. With a substantial core range of products sourced from the UK’s leading brands and manufacturers.

A business partnership built on a strong work ethic with a common goal for quality workmanship and unrivalled customer satisfaction.

Our  5  year business partnership with SER Windows & Doors LTD  has resulted in success on multiple large scale project’s throughout the UK. SER Windows & Doors LTD  is known for being one of the leading window and door manufacturers in the country.