Our team members informed us about a London based school that has been trying to raise funds to re-paint their sports hall. We care about our community.

Mr Costin Serban, managing director of SER Contractor Ltd, on hearing about the school struggles, has decided to offer support and re-paint the sports hall free of charge, together with our professional team of decorators.

1. Dumitru Bucur Nicolae

2. Vasile Muntean

3. Daniel Botez

4. Bogdan Malanciuc

5. Costin Mircea

With the charitable donation of one of our best local paint suppliers, we have proceeded to carry out the necessary works over the school’s Easter holiday. Mr Curtin’s words after completing the works were: “Cannot thank you enough, I would warmly recommend SER Contractor Ltd, as the quality of their work is excellent. They are very efficient and a great team.” (Head teacher of Wild Junior School)