Everything we do is inspired by professionalism and shaped by a full understanding of your needs!

SER Contractor was founded in 2010 and has remained true to its “Built on Satisfaction” brand promise. We are a privately owned London based SME contractor operating in the social housing sector, working with various clients, landlords and offering a ‘’one stop’’ shop approach whole house refurbishment, solutions for completing large schemes and being recognised with a national award in the industry. We are proud of our track record and excellent reputation for consistently delivering high quality projects within budget and on schedule. Delivering various contract types and schemes, we work both as a Tier 1 contractor directly for Registered Social Landlords nationwide and as a Tier 2 contractor working with leading large contractors of the social housing sector.

We are committed to the communities in which we work and deliver an exemplary level of customer care and social value which has resulted in very high levels of resident satisfaction with many projects recording customer satisfaction scores of 100%. Our ethos of partnership with our clients, supply chain and other service providers is deeply embedded in our organisation, meaning we always champion communication and cooperation.

We have the capacity to deliver a high volume of projects to our various clients, employing some of the most talented builders and engineers in London & the South-East who are supported by our specialist teams to deliver unrivalled building services.

Head Office

Hunters Hall Farm,
Epping Upland, CM16 6PL
Phone: 0207 840 0585

SE London Office

Access Self Storage Tower Bridge
61 Willow Walk, London SE1 5SF
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NW London Office

Palmerston Road,
London NW6 2JS
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Lambeth Office

Impact Brixton
Electric Lane
London SW9 8LA
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We have extensive construction experience, knowledge and solid track record of various refurbishment schemes in occupied and void properties. We operate a direct delivery model for our service-based contracts supported by carefully selected specialist subcontractors following rigorous vetting process.

Our Resources

We have established and maintain a dedicated, directly employed delivery team of 180 operatives, supported by a partnered supply chain of prequalified, proven and trusted specialist subcontractors and suppliers. We are committed to a local, directly employed workforce of qualified, proven professionals, recruiting and developing additional apprentices annually. We believe that a directly employed workforce gives us more control over quality and programme management and ensures that the people working in our clients’ properties have bought into both our corporate values and those of our clients. Our site teams are backed by an experienced team of high-level managers, administrators, and specialists, all of whom have a full understanding of technical specifications and of the operational demands of working in built-up town environments and in and around occupied homes.

Our Site Teams

We select our project site teams for the experience and local knowledge of the specific projects that they deliver. All our operatives and management are directly employed, and contract works are delivered under close supervision and management supplied by SER. The fact that we are a SME contractor means liaising with clients is rapid and transparent across all tiers of management. We have a dedicated buyer team who pursue all avenues to find the most cost-effective solutions, allowing us to prove ourselves through a competitive process and our commitment to local labour and direct employment opportunities endears us to those for whom we carry out works. We have large selection of teams which have been professionally trained and approved by various specialist suppliers in relation to their skills and role within the business. They all enjoy working in occupied properties environment, caring for the residents and taking pride in their work.

Continuous improvement

We pride ourselves on providing excellent quality and best value to all our clients and are constantly looking to build on this through our experience of carrying out estate-wide refurbishment works. As a company we are always committed to a culture of continuous improvement, driven from the top by the Managing Director, with lessons learned and best practice shared across all our projects with clients as well as our own team.

All team members have gone through strict recruitment and procurement vetting process and are highly experienced in delivering complex renovation and refurbishment works on behalf of Local Authorities and Housing Associations and a full understanding of the operational challenges of delivering construction works to occupied properties and diverse communities.

Each team will ensure SER Contractor are active and effective in delivering an exemplary project which delights the client and residents. We believe we have assembled the best team to deliver the client’s vision by focusing on the technical expertise and collaborative behaviours essential to successful projects.

Our team includes experienced Contracts Managers along with Site Managers who will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the site and ensuring programme, quality and H&S standards are met.

We have established and maintained a dedicated team of highly experienced directly employed operatives and specialist subcontractors all of whom have vast experience of the type of work required.

Customer Services and Caring for Tenants

Our experience indicates that the following customer groups require specific health and safety considerations:

  • Elderly and vulnerable
  • Children / teenagers and pets
  • Language barriers so cannot understand H&S signs/info
  • Mobility issues and other forms of disabilities
  • Medical conditions
  • Residents posing a risk to staff

We ensure that residents and tenants are kept fully informed of the works and progress through the following:

  • Design visit – This initial visit allows us to begin incorporating individual requirements to the programme as soon as we can. We listen to the residents.
  • Introduction and display of ID badge and password – The first thing every team does when they attend site is to introduce themselves, providing their ID badge (always clearly on display) and explaining the works they will be undertaking.
  • Multi-lingual contact cards – All staff carry multi-lingual contact cards. These express a welcome in all community languages. Where customers have limited or no English, they can point to their language on the card.
  • Alerting to individual circumstances – Alerting the site manager or RLO to individual customer circumstances delivers a personal, tailored service by adopting the required behaviours and methods as befits the situation.
  • Explaining the works to be undertaken – Prior to commencing, our operational team led by the site manager places a copy of the construction Health and Safety plan on file in the property, detailing the relevant risk assessments to be carried out.
  • Closed door policy – SER Contractor operatives are trained to operate a closed-door policy to ensure the security of customers’ property and possessions.
  • Clearing as we go – SER Contractor teams clear as they go, ensuring each work area is immediately free of tools, debris and equipment. Upon completion, the operatives clear away all mess. Our direct delivery teams have in their vehicles protector sheets, dust covers, vacuum cleaners and a full cleaning kit. That way, we can make sure that every property is left as clean and tidy as it was upon arrival.
  • All our frontline workforce who may come into contact with vulnerable residents or children are also DBS checked.
  • Vulnerability awareness raising and Safeguarding Agenda training – All staff are thoroughly trained in vulnerability awareness. They understand exactly which attitudes, behaviours and working methods to adopt to ensure any vulnerable customer receives a stress-free service centred around their specific needs.
  • Strict key handling protocols. The keys of residents who are absent will be kept in a locked box in the Site Manager’s office and must be signed in and out.
  • No properties will ever be left unattended when open.
  • Signage including public warning notices, site warning signs, traffic management signage and Considerate Constructor Scheme branding.
  • All personnel will wear branded PPE and visible ID. We will encourage residents to check IDs and use safety chains on doors as part of our induction process and in the Resident Handbook.

Health and Safety (H&S) is our top priority in every project. We operate an ISO 45001 accredited Health and Safety (H&S) Management System and meet all the requirements of HSG 65. Our proactive behavioural Health and Safety culture considers safety at all stages of the project lifecycle from pre-tender to handover. Key to our approach are encouraging good behaviours and personal responsibility from all team members and our accredited systems and processes. Our goal is to ensure all H&S risks are identified, designed out where possible and effectively managed and mitigated through proper planning. We are CHAS and Constructionline Gold accredited.

Our commitment to H&S for both our own team and all those who meet our work, including residents, comes from the top: our Managing Director, Costin Serban.

Costin is passionate about health and safety and has personally driven an embedded safety culture which combines both a ‘top down’ and ‘bottom up’ approach.

Costin is determined that SER Contractor maintains our exemplary H&S record and continues to outperform our competitors in providing sites which are healthy and safe for all. He specifically recruited our Health and Safety Consultant, Chris Breavington, an industry professional qualified and motivated to support this ambition.

Chris provides all aspects of H&S Advice including operative training, site audits, accident/incident investigation, quarterly management reviews and sub-contractor vetting.

He works closely with Costin in support of our ISO 45001 H&S Management System and our policies and processes to ensure compliance with all current legislation and works with the entire team to drive the messages of our H&S culture to every area of the business (including our supply chain) ensuring that everyone treats their duty of care to themselves, their colleagues and the public as their number one priority.

A large proportion of our work is completed for public sector housing clients to homes in occupation. This means we have an excellent understanding of the H&S risks involved and experience in successfully mitigating and managing them.

We are a fully accredited ISO 45001 company and meet all the requirements of HSG 65. We have a proactive behavioural Health and Safety culture whereby safety is fully considered at all stages of the project lifecycle, from pre-tender to handover.

We have developed our own set of policies and procedures focused on works in occupied properties. These have been honed and proven through the successful delivery of several schemes; schemes that were delivered accident-free whilst the quality, resident satisfaction and Health and Safety standards were maintained at the highest standards.

Key to our approach is encouraging good behaviour and personal responsibility from all team members and our accredited systems and processes. Our goal is to ensure all Health and Safety risks are identified, designed out where possible and effectively managed and mitigated through proper planning.

All our sites are registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme and we are CHAS and Constructionline Gold accredited. We have had 0 RIDDOR accidents since the beginning of our business activity in 2010.

SER Contractor operatives have all been previously assessed for Health and Safety and asbestos awareness and they follow a rigorous site-specific induction prior to commencement. All our frontline workforce who may come into contact with vulnerable residents or children are also DBS checked.

Our Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan details the methods for access and egress to each property or housing block within the programme. This bespoke plan has been developed from the Health and Safety survey undertaken by the SHE Advisor and project/contract manager.

All our sites are protected throughout the day using barriers, safety signage and onsite staff. When conducting works inside people’s homes or communal areas, we remove all materials, equipment, and tools each night. These are typically stored in a secure lock-up, located onsite or nearby.

Our suitably trained Health and Safety-aware workforce ensures highly experienced working in occupied properties. Works are carried out in a safe manner, eliminating risks to residents, leaseholders, other stakeholders, and members of the public. We are committed to providing a service tailored to the needs of residents and clients and to the circumstances of each property.

Therefore, we always treat residents and neighbours in a respectful, courteous, and professional manner. We recognise that in addition to the Health and Safety risk to residents, they need to be protected from excessive noise, dust and disruption. We have considerable experience working in these circumstances and have developed effective processes to deliver our work with minimum disruption. These processes have been proven effective, shown by our high resident satisfaction and high satisfaction surveys return ratio.

Upon mobilisation, our RLO identifies all demographic groups with whom we will be working and maps their differing needs and requirements. We achieve this by recording all groups (e.g. those in sheltered blocks, elderly/frail, those who require liaison with a carer or relative) and applying existing knowledge from our client to identify customers who may require specific health and safety considerations that may have been overlooked. We collate all asset data and CRM information that is available to us.

All work commencement follows a pre-condition survey carried out by the RLO with conditional photographs taken, works logistics explained and disclaimers signed (i.e., when moving goods and furniture) to prevent future compensation claims.

SER Contractor operatives are trained to ensure that ingress and egress routes are kept clear, removing tools, equipment or any debris that might block access routes. Care is given to any trailing wires so that trip hazards are avoided.

Where it is impractical to maintain routes, we clearly explain to the resident how to avoid the area and for how long. As soon as possible, the operative will clear the area and inform the resident.

Visitors receive a formal site induction before being allowed on-site. This induction covers welfare/toileting arrangements, first aid, emergency procedures, fire precautions, prohibited areas and information regarding who will be guiding them. Large-scale projects include external high-vis vests and it is compulsory that safety hats are worn at all times onsite. In occupied premises, we ensure that all customers, property and belongings are treated with dignity and respect.